Once again we are feeling overwhelmed with thanks, and feeling very humbled by a young girl called Poppy.


Poppy, is five years old and was in the Lions reception class with Sam at Silverhill Primary school during the 2020-21 school year.


A few weeks ago, we received a message from Poppy's mummy to say that she was having her beautiful long hair cut and would be donating it to the Little Princess Trust. Poppy also thought it would be a good opportunity to fundraise for Sam's Superheroes as well, and asked whether we would be ok with this? Would we be ok.....oh my goodness we were blown away by this offer! With tears in our eyes it was a resounding YES! What a huge and beautiful act of kindness from such a young child.


So Poppy carried out some fundraising amongst family and friends, and has now had her hair cut! I am blown away to say she has raised..................a MASSIVE, OVERWHELMING




Poppy, even saying a million thankyous seems insufficient! You are a true Sam's Superheroes team member! You are living and breathing our values by this wonderful act of kindness. Thank you so very much, and please know that YOUR act of kindness WILL BE changing lives.


We have decided that QMC Children's Hospital in Nottingham will be the recipient of Poppy's fundraising. It feels a very fitting beneficiary, as this was the wonderful hospital that tried their utmost to save Sam for seven weeks. They will receive a crafting and Christmas gifts kindness package to help the mental wellbeing of their children. 


In the words of Sam's Superheroes, 'Let kindness by your SUPERHERO power today'.


With love and thanks



Sam's mummy