We would love you to help us remember Sam and create a sparkle of light. 


Decorate a Stone

DECORATE a stone in his memory and HIDE it!

  • Hide it anywhere around the world for people to find
  • On the back write #love2sam and 1. photo 2. post 3. re-hide 
  • if you have room write Sam Liew 2016-21 and #samssuperheroes.
  • Upload a picture onto our Facebook Group "Love2Sam" remembering to add a location to your post..


FIND a Love2Sam stone

  • Take a photo,
  • Re hide
  • Upload it to our "Love2Sam" Facebook group and add your location to your post. 


FIND a COOL Stick or Stone

Why not find a cool stick or stone that you think Sam would like.

Upload a picture onto our Facebook Group "Love2Sam" and tell us why you think Sam would like it!



Using nature's natural resources write SAM'S NAME or create a pattern from something that resonates with you about Sam. You could use sand, mud, little pebbles, shells, fallen leaves or petals, flowers such as daisies.


Other ways you could remember Sam are detailed below. Remember to take a photo, or a video, or simply write a post and upload it to our Facebook Group "love2sam". Put your location on your post so we can see how far Sam is travelling!


Paint or draw a picture


Light a candle


Write a memory and hang it on a memory tree


Sing a song


Read a book


Carry out an act of kindness for Sam


We are so grateful to everyone who is helping to spread Sam's name and values across the country and even the world by writing his name in nature, sand, leaves, stones and sticks or hiding painted stones for others to find and re-hide. 

We have been truly overwhelmed by the number of people who have posted on our #Love2Sam Facebook Group after finding Sam's painted stones. Their compassion and kind words have meant the world to Sam's mummy and his family and friends.

Included below is a slideshow of stones which have been hidden and Sam's name written in nature. Please take the time to watch it and see how far the love for Sam is spreading across the country.

Examples of places where Sam's painted stones have been placed:


The Lakes - which Sam loved to visit

Blackpool - where his extended family lives and where Sam spent many happy hours on the beach

Wales - his Grandpa's home country

Warwick Castle - which he visited with his all his cousins including his American cousins 

At the top of lots of Mountains including Snowdon, Consiston Old Man and Thorpe Cloud - which Sam loved to walk up.

Beacon Fell - which Sam used to enjoy exploring.

Northumberland - where Sam would have loved to play on the huge beach 

Cornwall - where Sam spent many happy family holidays

Centre Parks 

Liverpool Cathedral

By Buckingham Palace

On a horse called Murphy in Edinburgh 

and of course on his memory bench in his home town of Mickleover


Examples of places where Sam's name has been written:


on a beach in Greece

shells on a beach in Dubai

snow in the mountains of Greece

on a beach in New Zealand

Shores of Lake Windermere

Brockhole, Lake District in flower petals

Blackpool on the beach


We look forward to seeing how far Sam's name can travel.......... and there will soon be an interactive map to show Sam's travels ....... don't forget if you hide a stone please write on the back:

#love2sam 3. re-hide 



Sam Liew 2016 - 2021



Remembering Sam




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