This part of our website is devoted to Sam's friends sharing their treasured memories of him. We hope that this will bring Sam's story to life by showing just what a special and much loved boy he was, and how many lives Sam touched in his short, yet wonderful five years with us.


Sometimes you never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a MEMORY


Words of advice from a grieving family. Grab those opportunities to create memories, spend time with your children and tell your children everyday just how much you love them. You just never know when that opportunity will be snatched away from you.


The Kinder Family

The Kinder family adored Sam and loved spending time with him.  They have lots of fabulous memories, but one of their favourites is when Sam came round for a summer playdate they had lots of fun in the paddling pool, go-karts, scooters you name it, and he often left with a new toy the boys had gift him. 

On Sam’s 3rd birthday, the boys arrived for his party and Sam was shy for all of 30 seconds (which we loved).


Alex and Davinia

Sam and Alex, the trouble bubbles, I remember the first time watching them walk around Mercia Marina, thinking to myself thank goodness Alex can burn off some energy, his first real lockdown play date, telling Rachel how wonderful it was to see them being boys together, being silly and loud. The attempts at Zoom calling which inevitably turned into the Lego and Superhero comparison show. At Halloween on the scavenger hunt we did, realising they'd made their way into the house whilst we'd all been distancing outside on the drive and finding toys tipped everywhere, we didn't even care, they were just so happy. Sam was and will forever be Alex's first true friend, he knows Sam's favourite colour, his favourite superhero and what he hated on the school menu. A true childhood friendship is a memory that can never be forgotten and Alex will remember Sam forever, tucked away in his heart, carrying him where he goes.


Jack & Catherine

Jack will miss playing ninjas together at school, and also playing with the castle with Sam and Alex.



“I love Sam, he’s one of my best friends forever, he was going to play in my garden after lockdown. And Sam was the best dancing Chinese dragon.


George & Sarah

“We as a family have some lovely memories of Sam from baby massage when George and Sam were tiny babies to walking to and from school with Sam and Jim, one my fond memories is Sam telling us about Chinese New year when we were home schooling, so many lovely memories of such a beautiful boy.


Otis & Kim

Otis has always been very fond of Sam, he would always shout after him on the way out of school when we saw him - usually on his bike or his scooter! Otis saw Sam out on his bike a few times around Mickleover in the holidays & would ask "I wonder where he lives" & would then want to follow him home ! We would often join the wrong group with him on the online learning during lockdown & see Sam's little face pop up on screen & laugh! Our whole family watched his celebrations for Chinese New Year, he looked like he was having lots of fun, I'm sure it will be something we talk about every year! Sam will always be in our memories, such a gorgeous boy who's face we will never forget, he will always be a little Silverhill Lion to us xx” 


Lily & Sam

“We remember Sam with no worries or fear,

Teaching his peers about Chinese New Year.

A dragon dancing, what a beautiful boy,

Bringing us all so much happiness and joy.

We must take comfort as we say goodbye,

And know that all angels were meant to fly.”



Sam is kind and funny and liked to play with the castle. Sam is always kind to others .



Evie couldn’t choose between “kind” and a love heart when thinking of a Sam.



Sam was a very nice friend. On the occasion Noah actually told me what he had done at school he said he played with Sam outside.



Sam was a gorgeous little boy, inside and out, he always appeared happy and smiley, well mannered and kind, often on 2 wheels and full of energy with either his amazing Mummy or Daddy trying to keep up.



Sam was a nice little boy who was kind to my little sister Paige and we liked walking to school with him sometimes, he was always on his bike or scooter and he was very fast on them.


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