Sam’s Superheroes had a very exciting meeting yesterday with the amazing Tori’s Woodland Adventures located down Radbourne Lane, Mickleover. We are super excited to say we are going to be collaborating on a few activities this year, which we cannot wait to tell you about! They all have Sam at the heart, and will help us continue to spread kindness and change lives on behalf of Sam this coming year Watch out for further details, we will be announcing them on social media first!


If you have not yet visited them, we would recommend taking a peek at their Facebook page @TorisWoodlandAdventures; Sam would have LOVED it there!

So yesterday Daisy (who goes everywhere with me!) and I were very lucky to meet up with the wonderful Tori and Julie to hear about their woodland experience. It was wonderful to see their set up and sit all snug and cosy around the campfire drinking hot chocolate. It gave us an opportunity to learn about each other's journey and share our visions, values and goals, and then realise just how similar we and they are! We are super impressed with their set up, and the woodland experiences that they offer. Daisy gave it all a big paws up too! Mind, as it got dark Daisy made us laugh by growling at all the different noises, she was clearly new to experiencing the woods at night, doggie sensory overload!


Tori’s Woodland Adventures ticks all of Sam’s Superheroes boxes. They give children a much-needed opportunity to connect with nature, in a way they have possibly never experienced. Children can explore all the woodland has to offer, use their imagination, learn new skills, build resilience and connect with the true outdoors in a safe environment. Sensory, and mindfulness activities are in abundance here, and we all know how important they are for mental wellbeing! This is a place that can offer so much to our children (and adults too!), all by playing in nature's playground, the good old outdoors.


If you have not yet visited them, we would recommend taking a peek at their Facebook page @TorisWoodlandAdventure (click here)Sam would have LOVED it! They are located at DE6 4NA on Radbourne Lane and do all things woodland: holiday clubs, home education, parties, families and party groups!


So……keep a look out for what we are going to be collaborating on this year…exciting times ahead for both adults and children!


Sam’s mummy