Well three years ago today a little bundle of black fur called Daisy was born! I never dreamt what an impact this girl would have on not just mine and Sam's lives, but strangers too! I am putting Daisy becoming part of our family firmly within the fate category. We were made for each other.

The year Daisy was born we had lost our dearly loved black Labrador, Ellie in the March. Now Ellie was my soul mate, I had her from 8 weeks old, we were inseparable, where ever I went Ellie came too, she knew what I was thinking that girl! I had a horse back then too, and she came to the yard with me twice a day, following me around, pinching carrots and horse feed! This love was transferred to Sam, they both adored each other, and Ellie made sure that when Sam was eating he was the cleanest baby in town....all courtesy of her free cleaning service from the prime spot next to his high chair; which consisted of her pushing her head up as far as she could go to catch the food he was dropping and give him a lick clean in the process!

When Ellie passed in March, we survived nearly six months without a black Labrador in our lives. But we missed having a dog so much. They say home just isn't home without a dog. But I would also add, going for a walk just isn't the same without a dog and life just isn't the same without one, there is a gaping big void! In October that year, I spotted an advert on gumtree advertising Labrador puppies for sale, KC registered, plus we could see mum and dad. It sounded perfect, we were all so excited. So we all piled into the car to meet the puppies, and Daisy's mum and dad. It was love at first sight, and we all fell in love with a cute little pup called Daisy, and the rest is history!

Sam loved Daisy and Daisy loved Sam. They were pretty inseparable. I don't think I quite appreciated just how special their relationship was until Sam passed. Daisy and Sam used to get up early together pretty much every single day and they would both sneak into Sam's bedroom to play! (Sam would always come into my bed at some point throughout the night, and I am so glad I didn't discourage that.) When they decided it was time for me to get up, they would both jump on the bed to have a 'family cuddle'!

For those not yet aware, Daisy is going to be Sam's Superheroes Therapy Dog. This seemed a natural thing to do, as she was Sam's dog first and foremost and so I wanted her to be a big part of our charity work, but she really is a natural for this type of work. Daisy started her unofficial journey as a Therapy Dog when she received special permission to have unlimited visits to see Sam in the Paediatric Critical Care Unit at Queens Medical Centre Nottingham. One of Sam's amazing consultants, Patrick arranged it. Daisy gifted her special therapeutic powers not only to Sam, but also to me, Sam's dad Jim, and our entire family. Her star power was that she quickly grew a fan base of nurses, doctors and physios etc.

Daisy is now ready for her Therapy Dog Assessment, which I am hoping will be in the next couple of weeks. We have big big plans for Daisy and our Therapy Dog Venture. We want to make Therapy Dogs much more accessible to the wider community, we want to normalise animal therapies from horses to dogs, and we want it to become a much more proactive therapy rather than a reactive one. An important part of our charity is to be an advocate for animal therapies, and very importantly help to break down barriers to access it, so we will help fund different animal therapies for those who are unable to afford it themselves. 

A friend of mine said something that really resonated with me a few weeks ago, she said, "you have been Daisy's first client". Wow, I had never thought of it like that, but she is right, I have. So I am her biggest advocate, I can honestly say I do not know how I would have survived without Daisy when Sam passed, she has given me more comfort than I could possible describe. She is the kindest, sweetest, gentlest, calmest, loveliest, devoted, darling, delightful and fun girl in the history of dogs. Not sure if I have landed my message.....but in case I didn't, I think Daisy is pretty cool!

So a big, fat happy birthday to my darling girl Daisy. I love you so much and thank you for looking after Sam and I when we needed it most.

One of Sam's best friends Holly made Daisy a birthday card, you can see it on the chair. It is gorgeous, and she also gave Daisy the present you can see in the picture. Thank you Holly!


If you see Daisy out and about, do stop us and say hello, and feel free to give her a big cuddle!

With much love,

Sam's mummy, Rachel


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PS For those who may be interested, we have chosen BWD (Brook Working Dogs) for Daisy's therapy dog training, and we are now working on more advanced training for her, so she can stand out and be a great role model for animal therapies. I can highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for dog training services. This is the link to their webpage BWD Brooking Working Dogs.

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