The secret diary of Miss Daisy Liew......Sunday 19 September. I went to Elvaston castle with mum and Becky for a woodland festival. I wasn't too sure if it would be Labrador friendly i.e. have food that I could hopefully try and pinch when no one was looking, friendly dogs to say hello to and nice new smells to sniff at, but I have to say it was a pretty cool day! I was snapped having a peek of the food menu from this cute place, food was mighty good, then we looked at a place that made willow baskets..... Ok booooooring for me, but mum liked it (shushhhh she was looking at businesses who could potentially come along to our family fun day next year....don't tell anyone).

Then we found a cool place where I could strike a pose and have my pic that's just the way I rock n roll ❤️ throw my ears back and smile by best toothy grin