Introducing ‘Sam’s Bench’. We are so very grateful to Dan Fentem one of our lovely neighbours for arranging with @BloorHomes to kindly gift and install this beautiful bench in memory of Sam. Bloor Homes, we can’t thank you enough for your generosity. The setting of Sam’s bench is utterly perfect. It overlooks the fields where Sam and his mummy played and walked Daisy most days. It is such a gorgeous spot and is where family and friends can not only reflect and remember Sam, but also where people can learn about Sam’s story. Importantly, it is a community space where people can meet up, reflect, remember Sam, chat, watch the sunset; and possibly even take a breather when they have walked up the steep hill!

We feel very blessed that so many people have already taken the opportunity to relax on Sam’s bench and learn about his story.

We have big plans for this little space around Sam’s bench. We would love to arrange a day where Sam’s friends can meet up and get creative on the concrete plinth, to turn it into a beautiful picture of Sam’s life.

A litter bin ‘Sam’s bin’ has also been installed just a few strides away from the bench, as there is a real lack of litter bins in this area. Dan again magically organised this with Meedfleet and Bloor homes. For those that don’t know Sam hated litter, and was always on the look out to pick it up. In memory of Sam, there will soon be some litter pickers available by his bench so if people want to, they can pick up litter as they walk along the old railway track and surrounding fields.

With much love,


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