CUTE photo ALERT, just LOOK how Daisy works the room, meeting and greeting!!

We are working so hard behind the scenes to take Sam's superheroes forward! As part of this, we met up with the Bridge the Gap Child Well-being team so they could meet Daisy, in her official capacity as Daisy Dog Therapy ❤ Well Daisy put her best paw forwards and pulled out all the stops.....she put on her cutest face, gave her widest grin, rolled on her back for tummy tickles, gave cuddles, gave kisses when asked, was lovely and calm and so well behaved that she had a very proud mummy at the end of it! All in all I think she just managed to win over the team with her Labrador charms....within the first 5 seconds I reckon!

We are so so proud of being able to collaborate together with such a fantastic local CIC who's mission is to improve outcomes for children. They do such an amazing job, and are so passionate and caring in everything they do. Daisy will be back to Bridge the Gap very soon so she can offer her support to the children. I know she will make such a positive impact to children's lives.

Sam would be very proud of the work we are doing, and I know he is guiding us every step of the way ❤ Watch out for more updates on our exciting projects with Bridge the Gap‍</div>
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