Sam's BIG Scoot Challenge

A challenge set to capture hearts and minds in memory of a boy called Sam. 

A group of ORDINARY people are taking part in an EXTRAORDINARY challenge in memory of Sam, a young boy who tragically passed away in 2021, age five from FIRES (Febrile Infection Related Epilepsy Syndrome). Our goal is to raise £50,000 for UK FIRES research and to increase awareness of this catastrophic and devastating syndrome.

On Friday, 20th September 2024, our team will embark on a KICK SCOOT from Aston University in Birmingham, home of the first UK FIRES research, to Sam’s hometown of DERBY. A journey of 44 miles over three days with no electric scooter in sight!

A core team will scoot for the three days plus a tag team will join for half or full days. On the final day, many more of Sam’s friends and Sam’s Superheroes supporters will join us as we make the final journey into his hometown. Sam is the heart and soul of this challenge, he adored his red scooter and rode it everywhere. His mum, Rachel, will carry that scooter on her back throughout the challenge, ensuring Sam is very much a part of the team!

Finish line celebrations will be held at The Robin in Mickleover on Sunday 22 September, which will be a fun filled event for all the family.

The Purpose

Our fundraising challenge has two primary goals. The first is to raise awareness of FIRES to attract more research. The causes of FIRES are still unknown, and there are currently no effective treatments. FIRES is desperately under-researched, with the first and only UK research study starting in 2023. Our second goal is to urgently raise as much money as possible to help fund further research. Whilst we could not save Sam, we can strive to save other children. Support this challenge, and you could help save children’s lives...what an IMPACT you could make!

To Donate

To donate to our FIRES fundraiser, head over to our Just Giving page click here. Any donation no matter is gratefully appreciated. It will all be going direct to FIRES research.

Our Team

We are looking for people to join our scoot, either as part of our scoot team or are back up!

If you want to join our back-up team drop us an email or give us a call, contact details at the bottom of this page.

To join our scoot team see Entry to the Scoot section.

If you want to hold your own scoot, as you can't make Sam's Big Scoot dates go for it! Contact us and we will support you in anyway we can.

Our current team is from across the UK and united in #FindACureForFIRES. It team includes: doctors, researchers, NHS workers, accountants, engineers, students, a graphic designer, a psychotherapist, and teachers. Age is no barrier, Sam’s 85 year old nana is in our back-up team! Plus, Sam’s dog Daisy is playing a key role!


We are thrilled to be partnering with an incredible team of NHS Doctors and Research Fellows from Great Ormond Street Hospital and Aston University, Birmingham for this scoot. These experts are at the forefront of UK children’s FIRES research.


We are also delighted to have the support of the renowned Bex Band, an adventurer and founder of ‘Love Her Wild,’ the UK’s largest women’s adventure community. Bex is also a bestselling author and blogger, and a true kick scooting pro!

Entry to the Scoot

We are looking for people to join our scoot, either for the full three days, or for one full day or half a day. Entry costs just £25, and you will receive a t-shirt, finishing medal and certificate. Drop us an email so we can send you an entry form.

If you would like to join our scoot as we enter into Mickleover, that would be wonderful! Again, drop us an email so we can send you an entry form.

What is FIRES?

FIRES, or Febrile Infection Related Epilepsy Syndrome, is a rare and catastrophic condition that affects healthy children with no prior history of epilepsy or seizures. The seizures begin suddenly and explosively following a simple febrile infection or virus, rapidly progressing into relentless seizure activity that is exceptionally difficult to stop. Children often remain in an induced coma for weeks to months, with life-changing impacts. One in five children die during the acute stage, and those who survive often suffer significant neurological disabilities and life-long epilepsy. There are currently children fighting FIRES in the UK, with three cases in the East Midlands in the last three years.

About Sam

Sam was beautiful, kind, loving, caring and joyful. He adored cuddling up to his dog Daisy and exploring the great outdoors. Shy with people he didn’t know, he was articulate and had wisdom beyond his years. Sam loved superheroes and making his family and many friends laugh! He was a healthy child and rarely ill, but just after his 5th birthday, Sam and his family were catapulted head-first into a battle to save his life from the sudden onset of FIRES. After a seven-week fight in paediatric critical care at Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, our beautiful Sam passed away due to catastrophic and irreversible brain damage, caused by his relentless seizure activity.

Social Media

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Business Sponsorship

To be part of this amazing challenge, together with details on our Business Sponsorship Packages see below. Our sponsorship packages start from as low as £200. And it is not just about financial support, we need help with logistics, hotel stays, food and drink for the challenge, kit, marketing etc.

If you would like further details please email or call Rachel on 07880343416.

Sam's BIG Scoot - Sponsorship Opportunites

Our current supporters and sponsors

A massive thank you to our current supporters and sponsors:

  • The NORSE Institute in America the leading global expert on FIRES
  • Ashgates Accountancy in Derby who have supported Sam’s Superheroes for three years
  • The Robin in Mickleover who are hosting our celebrations once we cross the finish line!
  • Chris Newsome Images in Derby our professional photographer for the challenge
  • Our Mickleover, a community organisation in our local town
  • Bex Band an adventurer and founder of ‘Love Her Wild,’ the UK’s largest women’s adventure community